Do not risk an ethics complaint, disciplinary action, losing your real estate license, and/or a potential lawsuit, because you recommended an unlicensed contractor to perform a Home Inspection.

Click here for the Florida State Statute that relates to Real Estate Brokers and agents, concerning aided and assisted negligence and misrepresentation.

New Home Inspection Laws and Licensing are in effect. Make sure you know the new laws and regulations. Be informed.

Florida State Statutes F.S.S. / Chapter 468, Part XV

A Home Inspector MUST have one of the following licenses:

  • HI# (Certified Home Inspector)
  • CGC# (Certified General Contractor)
  • CBC# (Certified Building Contractor)
  • CRC# (Certified Residential Contractor)

If the person you are currently using does not have a license with one of the above stated letter designations, they are unlawfully performing Home Inspections without a license. Gone are the days of “handymen” and “jack-of-all-trades” inspectors. If you recommended that person, than you are guilty of recommending an unlicensed contractor. You potentially run the risk of being reported to the State, receiving an ethics complaint against your license, disciplinary action, and a potential lawsuit.

Check out your current Home Inspector to verify that they have the appropriate certifications (HI, CGC, CBC, or CRC). You can easily verify this on the DBPR website MyFloridaLicense then click “Verify a License

Make sure your Home Inspector provides you with a copy of their (HI, CGC, CBC, or CRC) license along with a copy of their current mandatory general liability insurance policy.

Read more about the DBPR's efforts to criminally prosecute unlicensed contractors and how the DBPR is conducting joint sting operations with local law enforcement here

As a FREE service to Florida Real Estate Agents/Brokers, we have begun compiling a list (click here) of properly licensed, certified, and insured Home Inspectors that have been referred to us. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions, comments, or information available. Or if you would like to recommend a certified Home Inspector to be listed. Please let other Real Estate Agents/Brokers know about this area of concern. Our email is info@homeinspectionlaws.com

This is not legal advice, the above data is for informational purposes only. The above data is not stated as absolute fact, however, it is our understanding of the new Home Inspection laws and regulations. We are not affiliated with any government body nor regulatory agency. We are not attorneys, nor experts in the translation or interpretation of construction or real estate laws and regulations. We strongly urge you to explore the laws and regulations concerning Home Inspection.